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Sometime 1 plus 1 equals 3 or more. We have a deep understanding of your application. And we add the finest sensor technology available. That's what we call smart.

We develop the finest sensor technology for 15 years.

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We build sensor modules

Modular, scalable, high-performance

All our sensor modules are modules are plug’n’play. They all have high accuracy, ultra-rapid response time and are easy to use. And they last for years. Our most advanced sensor modules also include temperature, pressure and humidity measurement. And deliver STPD VO2 and VCO2 out of the box.

See our new Bluetooth O2 Sensor and Metabolic Simulator.

We build APPs and APIs

Professional coaching and weight management

Energy metabolism data can be a tricky thing and maybe hard to understand for the end consumer. We know. That is why we simplified software and data presentation. For both, professional coaching and weight management applications. That is good for the end consumer and good for your application, too.

ACE-O2 Eval Kit

Wireless Oxygen Sensor For State Of The Art Respiratory Applications

See more Bluetooth O2 Sensor

Metabolic Simulator

The Metabolic Simulator. For Faster Engineering And Better Quality Control.

Metabolic Simulator.


New Gen O2 sensor, extremely small size, low power consumption, ultra fast response time, high accuracy

The ACE-O2 is a polymer sensor used to measure oxygen concentration in side and main stream. Extremely small and very low power consumption, due to 'cold' sensor technology. Non consumptive, sensor lifetime more than five years. We offer three different versions of the ACE-O2 available to cover a broad range of applications.

Aceos ACE-o2

Aceos ACE-Xmed


O2 measurement, ultra fast response time, high accuracy, non-consumptive

The ACE-Xmed® is a sidestream sensor system to measure oxygen concentration mainly in respiratory applications. At any time, the system can easily be calibrated with ambient air. ACE-Xmed comes equipped with standard interfaces and a synchronized measurement for a smooth and easy integration into existing systems.


O2 and CO2 measurement, ultra fast response time, high accuracy, non-consumptive independent to ambient conditions

The ACE-DXmed® sensor module combines our market-approved oxygen sensor ACE-Xmed with an ultrasonic sensor to measure carbon dioxide. The integrated, electronically controlled and adjustable pump provides a constant sidestream flow. Dependencies on temperature, pressure and humidity are eliminated reliably by sensors. All signals are synchronized.

Acoes DXmed


Sensor system for O2 and CO2 concentration and volume flow rate

The ACE-DXV® is a sidestream sensor system to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration as well as volume flow. The module is a complete OEM respiratory sensor system showing VO2,VcO2, RER and other respiratory data already at STPD or BTPS conditions. It has an ultra fast ultra fast response time, high accuracy and is non-consumptive.

We build Hardware for B2B

Innovation and smart solutions for your business

Indirect calorimetry products have been a niche market for years. We all know why. This all changes, if you make them cheaper, easier to use and more lifestyle looking. Of course this requires the proper technology to do so. Well, guess who has it?

We build Hardware for B2C

Healthy and smart solutions for you and me

We are about to cross an existing frontier. Our latest sensor technology will be the first to enable real breath-by-breath measurement at reasonable end consumer prices and – very important – at end consumer scales.

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You want revolution in the healthcare industry? Change weight loss business? Do you want to reinvent professional coaching for athletes? All with respiratory products? It does not matter what you plan. We are sure that you will benefit if you share your ideas with us.