Perfect Match

For your healthcare and fitness projects

Hardware and Software. From drafting your project to hardcore development. We share our 15 years of experience with you.

Perfect Match

For your weight loss applications

We enable the next level of weight loss products. Use individual data for better services and healthier living.

Perfect Match

For your respiratory products

We deliver application knowhow and the finest sensor technology available. For all your respiratory B2B or B2C projects.

Perfect Match

For your body and your performance

Metabolism measurement, individual endurance training, fat metabolism, VO2-max, breath-by-breath gold standard. We have it all.

15 years experience

Core Technology for respiratory products

Our first product changed the world for sporty people. Our newest product is changing the world for all.


  • 15 years of experience in

  • Engineering your fitness

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  • State of the art

  • Respiratory Measurement

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  • Better Data

  • For better health and active people

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How to avoid mistakes in the development of respiratory products?

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