Core sensor technology

Modular design, scalable, high-performance

What once started as an aerospace prototype became state of the art respiratory measurement. For medical, lifestyle and fitness applications.

We develop the finest senor technology for 15 years.

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Focus on

Respiratory measurement

Gas measurement affects almost all industries. We decided to optimize our products for respiratory applications. This includes medical products as well as fitness and weight loss oriented products. So you will get more than just sensors from us. We will always consider your application. To deliver the matching solution for you.

All we build

Is Modular

You don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut. That's why all we build is modular. We tailor it to your application. We deliver the right components. O2, CO2 and flow measurement. VO2, VCO2 and RER calculations. Out of the box OEM respiratory products. We have it all.

German engineering

A genuine thinktank

We are in the respiratory business since years. Yes, we collected a huge treasure trove of experience. In medical, sports, fitness and nutrition applications. This is only because we tried hard to make as much mistakes as possible. Not for fun, but to learn from them. We think, that makes things much easier for you.

We are proud of

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